kyle chan, the introduction of all the characters of the Variety School Bus? , kyle chandler

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Hello everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is the question about kyle chan, so the editor has compiled a related introduction to kyle chan's answer, let us take a look together Bar. Introduction to all the characters of Variety School Bus? Introduction to all the characters of Variety School Bus? Goethe’s English name: Gordon’s artificial intelligence school bus, which can be transformed into an artificial intelligence police car, fire engine, ambulance, rescue boat, and airplane to serve the Sunshine Forest Kindergarten; the big brother who guards and accompanies the children. Doudou (brave, competitive, curious, fantasizing) English name: Doby imitates his father's way of arranging his bow tie when thinking about problems, and is often laughed at by his friends when he speaks in an adult tone; he likes cars very much It is Goethe who regards Goethe's words as wise words. Catchphrase: "Goethe said it! XXXXX." Didi (brave, smart, caring) English name: Disy is a little more mature than her peers, and will remind her brother when he does things impulsively, sensible and cheerful; super fond of small animals , Seeing small animals will be a little irrational, and they are the "natural enemies" of small animals. Baobaolong (little bully, self-righteous) English name: Bobby is a classmate who is domineering, domineering, likes to play pranks, and actually has no malicious intentions; he and Akai form the "Dinosaur Team" combination. Fat Bear (foodie, timid) English name: Panda Doudou's classmate, delicious, likes to smile silly, not articulate; usually mainly acts with Doudou, he is timid and easily bullied by Baobaolong and Akai . A Kai (little follower) is a teasing classmate who likes to play pranks; English name: kyle often follows Baobaolong, catchphrase: "We are——Kong Rong team!", and then was angrily corrected by Baobaolong "It's a dinosaur Team!". Apu (shy, unconfident, anxiety disorder) English name: Abbu likes to call himself "Apu" when speaking, eager to gain attention, eager to break through himself, and try some adventurous things to prove himself. Kaka (Xueba, Rationality) English name: Cary Doudou’s classmate, who usually looks tired and wears glasses, because she has to attend many after-school tutoring classes: piano class, painting class, ballet class, arithmetic class, etc. . Xiaoqian (Little Princess, Proud, Willful) English name: Cici Didi's classmate, doesn't like to do things with hands, likes to order her brother Akai to help, and likes to speak with her head raised slightly. Dudu's English name: A transfer student in Sunshine Forest Kindergarten, a fan of Pigman. Qiuqiu is a squirrel, as delicious as a fat bear, and often gets into trouble. Teacher Sandy (cheerful, warm female teacher) English name: Miss Sandy "We often underestimate children's abilities, and they will always come up with many solutions to any problem that is handed over to children," she often said to Goethe. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about kyle chan. I hope that the 1-point answer about kyle chan will be useful to everyone.

kyle chan, the introduction of all the characters of the Variety School Bus? , kyle chandler

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