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This article will talk about Longjing Rap songs and the knowledge points corresponding to the lyrics of Longjing Rap. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to bookmark this site. List of contents in this article: 1. Lyrics of Longjing Rap and Song 2. What is the background music of "Thank You" of Longjing Rap and Song? Ask for the title of the song 3. Lyrics of Longjing Rap and Song of Basketball Longjing Rap and Song of Return to Lyrics. The Dragon Well Group now has four members: Xiao Sun, Xu Sun, Yi Wen, and Yi Han. Everyone in the Longjing group has their own unique characteristics. Under different personalities, they have the same hobbies. They love rap and express their own living conditions and all their thoughts. Brothers support you, brother, your heart is here, no matter what others say, brothers, understand you, you have to come back here quickly, no matter what you become, brothers, stay with you "Return" is a song by the lead singer of Longjing Rapper The song was released in 2008 and included in the album "Longjing Rap". This lyric is wrong, the correct one should be "Don't care about the night fascination". The lyrics "Night is lost, don't care about it" comes from the song "Ye Sanli". Longjing Rap——The background music of "Return" is: "The More You Love, the More Loneliness" "The More You Love, the More Loneliness" Singer: Xinjiekou Group Album: "5th Anniversary Selected CD" "Return" is a song composed and sung by Longjing Group First song. The Dragon Well Group now has four members: Xiao Sun; Xu Sun; Yi Wen; Yi Han. What is the background music of "Thank You" by Longjing Rap? Ask for the name of the song "Thank You" by Longjing Rap. The English refrain in "Thank You" is called Be With You. The lyrics are "Thanks to my dear parents for the Longjing rap song, for giving me a shelter from the wind and rain", and the title of the song is "Thanks". Longjing Group Longjing Rap Songs: Longjing Rap comes from Beijing, China, and was established in 2007. There is no fixed style of music, but it is the style of Longjing Rap. It uses real lyrics to tell the details of life, and uses the situation of rap to tell the stories of ordinary people. story. Dragon Well Rap basketball lyrics Longjing Rap, male rap group from Mainland China. That’s all for the introduction of Longjing rap songs. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. Don’t forget to search for more information about Longjing rap lyrics and Longjing rap songs on this site.

Longjing Rap Songs↹Longjing Rap Lyrics

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