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This article will talk about Tangrenshen and the knowledge points corresponding to Tangrenshen stocks. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to bookmark this site. List of content in this article: 1. Competition intensifies! Tangrenshen, Wen’s, and Aonong officially announced! Will it lead to a "5 yuan" market? 2. What is the equity investment position of Tangrenshen Group? 3. What is Tangrenshen’s strategic reserve team for? , The competition for the location of Tangrenshen Manor is intensifying! Tangrenshen, Wen's, and Aonong officially announced! Will it lead to a "5 yuan" market? 1. Tangrenshen said in an investigation that Tangrenshen's long-term development goal is to sell live pigs every year 10 million heads. In 2021, Tangrenshen Tangrenshen's live pigs will be 15.23 million Tangrenshen, and the target slaughter will directly increase Tangrenshen's by nearly 7 times. Aonong Biology plans to slaughter 8 million heads in 2023 and 10 million heads in 2024. 2. On July 7, all listed pig breeding companies closed down. Among them, Tianbang shares and Zhengbang Technology fell by the limit, Tangrenshen, New Hope and other four fell by more than 8%, and Muyuan shares, Tiankang Biology, Aonong Biology, etc. all fell by more than 5%. Tao Yishan, chairman of Tangrenshen, was short-sighted, which was the fuse for the plummet of breeding stocks. 3. After Muyuan, Wen’s, Zhengbang Technology, and New Hope have become tens of millions of slaughter pig enterprises, many other pig enterprises in the industry have put forward the goal of annual slaughter of 10 million pigs. 4. Among them, Tangrenshen sold 3.34 million pigs in the first quarter, a year-on-year decrease of 119%, which is the largest decline among the top ten pig companies. Affected by the decline in pig prices, the sales revenue of most pig companies has also fallen sharply. Except for Aonong Biotechnology, the other 9 major pig companies have disclosed their sales revenue data for the first quarter. 5. The gross profit margin of the pig farming business reached 104%, the highest among the three. It seems that the pigs of New Hope are more competitive in the market. from the perspective of shareholder returns. The return on net assets of New Hope, Aonong Biology and Jinxin are 57%, 67% and 0.16% respectively. Obviously, among the three, New Hope can bring the greatest benefits to shareholders. 6. The key event was the outbreak of African swine fever in September 2017, which resulted in a significant decrease in the number of breeding sows and live pigs. In September 2019, the number of breeding sows and live pigs decreased by about 40% year-on-year. Directly Pushing the price of live pigs to a record high of 40.98 yuan/kg in 2019. Tangrenshen Group's equity investment position, how should fresh graduates work in the investment department of Tangrenshen? According to the relevant information inquired, the fresh graduates working in the investment department of Tangrenshen are very well paid, with five insurances and one housing fund, generous holiday benefits, and wages are paid on time. The company's working atmosphere is good, the company is well equipped, and the employee benefits are also relatively good. In addition, Tangrenshen attaches great importance to the career development of employees, providing various training and promotion opportunities, as well as sincere career planning guidance. The company's operating status: Tangrenshen Group Co., Ltd. is currently in the opening state. The company is listed on the A-share market. The company owns 1 intellectual property right. It is currently recruiting 75 positions and 38 bidding projects. Tangrenshen announced the third quarter report of 2017. The company achieved operating income of 105.4 billion yuan in the first three quarters, a year-on-year increase of 340%, net profit of 1.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 521%, and earnings per share of 0.269 yuan. Recently, Tangrenshen issued an announcement that it will take out 98% of the shares for equity incentives in three phases, and spend about 4.4 billion in the first phase to implement equity incentives for 895 employees. Tangrenshen Group Co., Ltd. is a modern joint-stock enterprise jointly invested by China Agricultural University, China Meat Food Comprehensive Research Center, Hong Kong Dashenghong Feed Co., Ltd. and other shareholders. It is a sincere cooperation between intellectual capital, industrial capital and foreign capital. It is a classic example of agricultural industrialization and is one of the first batch of national key leading enterprises. Tang Renshen’s strategic reserve team is the strategic level. Tang Renshen’s reserve force Tang Renshen, when you are attacking, when the attack power of the frontline troops is weakened, you can join the reserve team to strengthen the offensive or deal with emergencies, such as during the Korean War. The People's Army sent the reserve team into the offensive on the front line of the Nakdong River. After landing in Incheon, no troops came back to rescue, which eventually led to the collapse of the People's Army's entire front. The strategic reserve team is an organization of the teaching team of the general cadre department. The strategic reserve team adopts a student system, and quite a few students come to train with high salaries. It can be defined in this way that both sides or even multiple parties participating in the war on the battlefield will leave a strategic reserve team. The reserve team is not only an emergency and quick response force, but also a housekeeping fund reserved by the participating countries for the final decisive battle. The strategic reserve team is a very important part of Huawei's transformation strategy. This reserve team is positioned as the company's strategic general reserve team, and its tasks include transferring technology, managing and delivering talents. Because they are the strategic reserves deployed and mastered by the Military Commission. After layers of selection and training, he finally entered the strategic reserve team. Entering the strategic reserve team requires certain ability and potential, and employees who do not perform well will be arranged to enter. The Huawei Strategic Reserve Team is an important talent training program of Huawei, aiming at training future executives and leaders. Where is Tangrenshen Manor located? The top ten brands in the chilled fresh meat industry include Shuanghui, Jinluo, Yurun, Eisen, Delis, Zhongpin, Kerchin, Pengcheng, Gaojin Manor Black Pig, TRS Tangrenshen, The specific content is as follows: Shuanghui Shuanghui Group has always insisted on making a fuss about the word "agriculture", focusing on meat processing projects, and implementing industrialized operations. He threw a long walking stick on the ground, and the walking stick immediately transformed into a peach grove full of fruit and stretching as far as the eye can see. I couldn't help but think of the eye-catching words carved on the stone tablet I saw during the outward bound training at Tangrenshen Manor: "Actions speak louder than words!" - this sentence comes from the school motto of Tsinghua University. It means that for engaging in technology, scientific research and doing any job well, real actions are far more important than oaths. For enterprises, action is the key to fatal. 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Tangrenshen➺Tangrenshen Stock

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