Analysis of Internet Gray Industry➣Internet Gray Industry Chain

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Today I will share with you the knowledge of Internet gray industry analysis, which will also explain the Internet gray industry chain. If it happens to solve the problems you are facing now, don’t forget Follow this site and get started now! List of contents of this article: 1. How to view the development of the gray industry? 2. The rental and sale of game accounts has formed a gray industry chain. What is the derivation of this industry? 3. Symptoms and prevention of grayware in the introductory knowledge of network security 4. Revealing the secret Black and gray industry chain, what exactly is telecommunications and network fraud? 5. What is the meaning of mobile phone to in the gray and black industry? 6. How does marketing data analysis treat the development of gray industries? When the taxes and fees in the formal economy are higher, the analysis of gray industries on the Internet and the more supervision Strictly speaking, the gray economy is usually more prosperous. Therefore, the growth-type gray economy means that the relationship of mutual trust between citizens and countries is disturbed. Gray Industry Network Gray industry analysis: unreasonable but objectively existing industries between legitimate industries (white) and improper industries (black). To put it simply, the gray industry is a profitable project or industry that brushes against the law. Violation of laws, administrative regulations, and important departmental rules is illegal, and it is a black industry, not a gray industry, which must not be touched. The five most important sources of the gray industry are the analysis of the gray industry on the Internet: the leakage of fiscal funds and other public funds, the widespread existence of financial corruption, the rent-seeking behavior in administrative licensing and approval, the loss of land income, and the income of monopoly industries. The gray industry actually includes a lot of content, such as underground banks, usury goods, small treasuries, darkroom transactions to earn transaction fees, private casinos, gift money acceptance, industry accumulation of high-interest loans, and so on. It is an unreasonable but objectively existing industry between legitimate industries and improper industries. It is also very easy and enjoyable to use the gray industry to easily reach hundreds of thousands of income a month. The rental and sale of game accounts has formed a gray industry chain. What is the origin of this industry? 1. With the promulgation of the policy of restricting the use of online games by minors in September, the game account rental has formed an industry chain , minors can rent various online game accounts through the platform, so as to escape the supervision of minors by online games, and can play games 24 hours a day. 2. The game rental account has gradually formed a gray industry in the Internet Analysis of a gray industry chain, because now why is it restricted by the game, only Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening 8 Internet gray industry analysis: 00~9 Internet gray industry analysis: 00 can play normally, and its online gray industry analysis means that it is forbidden to log in to the game. Once this new policy comes out, the corresponding industry chain of renting and selling accounts will become even larger. 3. The way of leasing and buying and selling game accounts has become a gray industry chain. Not long after this regulation was issued, some people broke the news that there are ways of leasing and buying and selling game accounts to help minors play games, and this method has become a gray industry chain. A gray industrial chain. 4. The gray industry is an industry derived from legitimate industries, so it is pervasive in all aspects of life. For example, the false queuing industry derived from the rise of online celebrity stores is a gray industry, but it is not an Internet industry. 5. CF rental account means that the seller rents out the game account of the CF game. The buyer can rent the game account by purchasing it, which saves the trouble of leveling the game. The game rental account is usually charged by the hour, and the price ranges from 1-50 yuan . 6. In-depth investigation: The industry chain of selling game accounts has existed for many years. Senior game player Ajie (pseudonym) revealed to reporters that the industry chain of selling game accounts has existed for many years. The game accounts sold by merchants are generally the "initial number" and "finished product number" of the game, that is, the account that usually has a role set in the game and has achieved certain game achievements. Introductory Knowledge of Network Security Symptoms and Prevention of Grayware In order to avoid this risk, we must learn how to surf the Internet and use e-mail safely. On the one hand, first avoid visiting unfamiliar websites and bypassing the office network. Advocate conscious observance of discipline and law, advocate social morality, and promote the construction of a green network; follow the basic principles of patriotism, law-abiding, fairness, and integrity, consciously abide by national laws, regulations, and policies related to the Internet, insist on surfing the Internet in a lawful and civilized manner, and prevent violations of regulations and disciplines Behavior, to build a green network. Common network security threats and preventive measures 1 In computer networks, why do network security threat incidents occur in common security threat obstacle attack methods? In general, it is implemented on purpose. It includes the safe and reliable operation of hardware systems, the safety of operating systems and application software, the safety of database systems, and the protection of electromagnetic information leakage. Network security in a narrow sense focuses on the security of network transmission. Five attributes of network security: confidentiality, integrity, availability, controllability and non-repudiation. From the consideration of human factors, factors affecting network security include: (1) Man-made unintentional mistakes. (2) Man-made malicious attacks. One is active-aggressive and the other is passive-aggressive. (3) Vulnerabilities and "backdoors" of network software. When using the Internet, you should set up a security firewall on your computer. You can use a firewall to help protect your computer. When using a computer or mobile phone, you should download an anti-virus software first, and the anti-virus software should also be upgraded, and timely scan and anti-virus to prevent the network from being hacked. Demystifying the black and gray industry chain, what exactly is telecommunications and network fraud? 1. First, some criminals use Internet calls and text messages to commit fraud. This technical means is the combination of the Internet and the telecommunication network for telecommunication fraud. First, it is transmitted in the network, and then transmitted by the operator to the real called user in the traditional telephone network. 2. Legal analysis: 1. False WIFI steals citizens' privacy. Criminals use illegal wireless Internet access devices to disguise free WiFi signals in public wireless Internet access environments, and steal personal information after users access it and provide it to fraudsters. 3. Telecom network fraud is a fraud committed by a criminal suspect through the telephone or the Internet. Under specific circumstances, it is an act of fabricating false information and causing serious damage to the legal property of others. Under specific circumstances, the court may decide on the relevant The case will be handled after investigation. 4. The second is to conduct online fraud by selling products online. This kind of fraud is mainly aimed at some minors and the elderly. 1. Digital black and gray industry refers to the use of Internet technology to carry out cyber attacks, steal information, extort fraud, steal money, promote pornography, gambling and drugs and other illegal online activities. It can be prevented by enhancing the awareness of network security protection and not disclosing or filling in personal information at will. 2. Gray production means: legal gray industry. Gray production refers to "malicious registration" and "false certification" in the gray area of the law. The simplest understanding is to achieve the purpose of defrauding money; fraudsters can often use disguised scams to confuse real ones to achieve the purpose of defrauding money. 3. Black production is the abbreviation of "black industry". In the past, it was said that a certain family was rich and powerful, and power was about being an official, and there were people in the court; here, "wealthy" does not mean simply having gold and silver, but "having property". Standing on the house and lying on the ground, this is "industry". 4. The word comes directly from the Old English to, meaning towards. As a preposition, the meaning is for; for; (indicating direction) to; to; (indicating indirect relationship) to. As an adverb, it means (indicating direction) to go; (door) to close. 5. It is an app that is different from the black gray app and can be used normally. From secretly deducting phone bills, monetizing advertising traffic, and distributing mobile apps, to Trojan horse brushing, extortion viruses, and controlling bot mining, online black and gray apps are everywhere, and "sweeping wool" is one of the important profit models of black and gray apps . Marketing data analysis 1. Sales data analysis involves sales cost analysis (including raw material cost, manufacturing loss, transportation cost, etc.), sales profit analysis (including net profit and gross profit), customer satisfaction analysis, customer demand analysis, etc. 2. Evaluate the quality of channels and determine the priority of delivery: evaluate the marketing situation of each channel of the product, and determine the priority of channel delivery. Distribution analysis method: An event not only has the cumulative quantity as an observable indicator, but also observes the distribution of the event in different dimensions. 3. The method of sales data analysis: first analyze the performance completion rate and reasons, then analyze other data, and then analyze the general environment and models. 4. Analysis and comparison of the quality of each channel of online marketing Subdivide the channels of online marketing, respectively count and analyze website PV, UV, UV proportion, new visitors, user cost, effective leads, lead conversion rate. 5. Index analysis is a rapid sales data analysis method and a health indicator to measure the health of an enterprise. This section analyzes various indicators in depth and tries to see through the hidden information behind the indicators. 6. Marketing data analysis of supply chain intelligent marketing technology usually involves the following steps and methods: Data collection: First, collect data related to supply chain intelligent marketing. This may include sales data, inventory data, logistics data, customer data, etc. This is the end of the introduction to the analysis of the Internet gray industry. Thank you for taking the time to read the content of this site. Don’t forget to search for more information about the Internet gray industry chain and Internet gray industry analysis.

Analysis of Internet Gray Industry➣Internet Gray Industry Chain

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